Struggles and Pain

These ladies worked very hard to pass the GED test. In spite of unfortunate events that occured at the center during this time, they 
kept their focus. They came to class and buried themselves in their work. They were determined to pass and their hard work paid off.

Struggles and Pain
We’ve all had struggles and pains 
now I’m asking God to take them away 
this journey has been so long many times I just wanted to be gone 
I couldn’t understand “why me” failing so many times with self-pity 
I didn’t know how to get out of the dark looking for new ways to get a fresh start issues arised and caught me by surprise 
I had so many dark feelings that I kept inside 
I decided to “deal” with the memories that were all too real 
they were keeping me trapped, they were keeping me unhealed
I know it might hurt and I might cry 
but once I get it out, I will survive! 
by Sarah Case, GED student Naomi’s Nest, April 25, 2013

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