My name is Danay Herman, I’m 20 years old and I grew up in a small town called Unionville, MI. When I was 16 years old I dropped out of school and developed an addiction. I started drinking and doing pills. When I was 17 I was introduced to heroin and I thought I was in love. I was in and out of jail and rehab for a while. When I came to Naomi’s Nest I found out I could get prepared for the GED test. I immediately signed up for class and started working very hard toward my GED. With the help of my instructor Ms. Donna Glanton, after 115 hours of GED class I have successfully passed all of the “Michigan Education Library’s” online practice GED tests and, according to the results, I am now adequately prepared to pass the GED exam. I am happy to receive this “Certificate of Honor” acknowledging my passing all the practice tests and I can’t wait to show off my GED certificate!

I learned a lot in my class at Naomi’s Nest Treatment center. I also learned that everything is a choice and it’s my choice to do anything and everything. Today is my last day at the center and I plan to take the GED test within the next two weeks. I know that I will pass because I am prepared!

Danay Herman

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