The Detroit Literacy Coalition (DLC) cites the State of Michigan for over 25 years of collaboration and support of adult literacy programs to address the needs of metro Detroiters with low literacy skills. Under the auspices of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the DLC reached out to adult students who were single parents, displaced homemakers, low- income students, the incarcerated and those who have learning disabilities or multiple barriers to educational enhancement. For over a decade, forty-four weeks a year, the DLC in partnership with local agencies provided instruction to thousands of low literacy eligible students in church rooms, community centers and institutionalized settings including Metropolitan United Methodist Church, Mack Alive, Get Back Up, Naomi’s Nest to work on their preGED/GED challenges with carefully developed instructional strategies and lessons that target, address and enhance their individual skill sets in reading, mathematics, grammar and writing composition towards the attainment of a GED. Web-based software packages that will allow the adult to advance through independent practice when not in class was fully incorporated into the curriculum. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) followed the WIA and was signed by President Barack Obama in 2014. This act offered DLC participants more sustainable choices in employment opportunities; many of them were job seekers. WIOA puts them on the path to successful occupations and careers while also meeting their academic goals in various communities in the metro Detroit area. The ultimate mission is to facilitate their transition to post secondary educational institutions or the world of work thereby lowering the 47% functional illiteracy rate associated with the city of Detroit. With the adoption of a renaissance attitude to academic success, the DLC spurs the academic achievement of those left behind

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