Participation in State of Michigan Conferences

The Detroit Literacy Coalition staff , tutors and intern participated in the Michigan Adult Education and Training Conference (MAETC) held at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Michigan.

Daphne Ntiri, PhD, Professor at Wayne State University and Director of the Detroit Literacy Coalition (DLC) was one of the opening day presenters. Her presentation on “Literacy to Read the World: Literacy as a Liberating Tool” focused on Paulo Freire’s theory of literacy as a political, human, and transformative process capable of liberating the learner in his context. The session showed how Freire’s idea of praxis to teaching and learning can assist disadvantaged learners who are trying to overcome their literacy underachievement and connect with the world.

Ramona Dunbar, Wayne State University graduate student in Anthropology and Coordinator of DLC tutor services presented “Success builds on success: Inspiring the Literate Mind to do moreā€¦” Ms. Dunbar with other tutors Deborah Stewart and Vivian Sanders demonstrated innovative learning theories and best practices applied in the Detroit adult literacy contexts. 

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